Travel Diary: Sayulita

Hello my loves...I would like to share somewhere very special with you. It took me forever to get this post together. Life, kids, love, work and all the rest...took priority. Naturally. But finally, a little post on my trip to my beloved Sayulita, earlier this Spring. 
Sayulita....oh Sayulita. This little, Mexican, rustic, cobblestone, colorful, hippie, expat, surfer town, has stolen my heart. The vibe and energy flows through your blood and lures you back, forever more. Once you have had a want more, more, more. It's not the most beautiful place on the planet. It's not the cleanest place. It doesn't have the most interesting history or architecture. But it has a feeling. An unexplainable feeling. It has character. It's simplistic joy. It lives and breathes life. It is exploding with artistic, creative, life loving people and leaves you feeling refreshed, inspired and alive!!! 
My friends, family and I frequent it as often as possible. It's an easy escape from work and the day to day routine. Enjoy my journey. This is just a glimpse. If you can, go there and experience its effects for yourself.

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    • I wore jen’s pb on my wedding day :) (twice actually, a long version and a short version later in the night) so when my husband and I took a belated honeymoon to sayulita this december, I noticed when I came across a shop that had a rack full of your dresses :) Now i know why! It is a really special and memorable place :)

      I love what you do wish I could wear your dreamy dresses everyday xo

      joanna levine on
    • Hi, is it safe for woman to visit alone? :) Really need a getaway.

      pam on
    • I really, really love your style. I’m mexican, and I love Sayulita.

      Deyanira on
    • I discovered Sayulita while staying a few miles away in beautiful Punta Mita. I’m in love with all of Mexico and the beautiful colors, artwork, architecture and food. Sayulita is a vibrant city town that seems lost in time. There are shops with stunning handmade jewelry, Mexican folk art, and my favorite, calavera dolls – or La Catrina, the iconic image of a skeleton lady representing the meaning of death in Mexican culture. Your photos are beautiful and make me want to be there.

      Susan on
    • I love my clothes from JPB and I love Sayulita! When I first read this blog, there were suggestions of places to eat, shop and visit while in Sayulita. I have come back to the blog to cut and paste the suggestions for future revisits and I can’t find it. Am I missing something?! Thank you,

      saba on

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