A Message from our Founder!

A Message from our Founder - COVID19

Hi Beautiful Friends,

Hoping you and your loved ones are staying healthy and strong in your mind, body, and soul during these bizarre and unprecedented times. As a Mama of 3, an owner of 2 small businesses, and with a sister in Nicaragua who is in the hospital fighting pneumonia and Lyme disease, a beautiful mama in her 70’s, and two loving brothers who I cannot see or be with because of quarantining, my emotions have been running wild. As I am sure all of your are too. While I have been experiencing many moments filled with anxiety and fear, I am doing my best to overcome them and not let my mind get the best of me. My husband has been such a pillar of strength throughout all of this and has helped lift my spirits time and time again. We have been taking lots of bike rides and drives to look at the ocean, where we watch the migrating whales and playful dolphins. We also planted a garden this weekend. That did wonders for our souls. To further combat my fear based thoughts and calm my nerves, I have been meditating, doing the box breathing method, counting my blessings, being present and in the moment with my family, soaking up these long, special days at home and envisioning a safer, healthier, peaceful, and beautiful world. 

I am sharing this with you all to remind you that it’s ok if you are not doing ok. I hope wherever you are and whatever circumstance you are in, you can go deep within, and gain the power and strength you need to get through this!

As you all know, there has been a “Safer at Home” order put into place through April 19th, mandating all residents to stay inside their homes except for non-essential activities. The health and safety of our employees is of the upmost importance, so while our staff works remotely, shipping & return credit will be delayed. While circumstances change on a daily basis, we currently have one team member shipping out orders from our warehouse once a week. We promise to get your pieces out to you as quickly as possible. We are an extremely small team of 12 very hard working, creative, and awesome people and we ask for your understanding and patience at this time. We are going to do everything we can to keep this small business going and greatly appreciate your support. We will continue to share content and offer great deals to compensate for delays in shipping. We are here for you to answer any and all questions, from the comfort of our home to yours. Don’t hesitate to email us at love@jenspiratebooty.com!

With all of our love and appreciation,
Jen & the fabulous team at JPB

Written March 25th, 2020

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