Travel Diary: Tulum + Playa Del Carmen

Last December, my mama, 2 friends and I, took a quick trip to the Yucatan Peninsula to visit some of the people behind the production of Jen's Pirate Booty. We have a handful of workshops spread throughout Mexico. They are all run by local artisan families. It warms our hearts to be able to bring continuous work to so many villages in Mexico and allow the artisans to use their craft. To be able to work, doing something you love, is an incredible joy. A joy that I experience every single day. A lot of the production we do in Mexico is done...

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Travel Diary: Sayulita

Hello my loves...I would like to share somewhere very special with you. It took me forever to get this post together. Life, kids, love, work and all the rest...took priority. Naturally. But finally, a little post on my trip to my beloved Sayulita, earlier this Spring.  Sayulita....oh Sayulita. This little, Mexican, rustic, cobblestone, colorful, hippie, expat, surfer town, has stolen my heart. The vibe and energy flows through your blood and lures you back, forever more. Once you have had a want more, more, more. It's not the most beautiful place on the planet. It's not the cleanest place....

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Beach Day with Sarah Peinado

A few photos from our day at Victoria Beach with this golden beauty, Sarah Peinado. All clothing available at - click the photo to shop! Photos by Hayley Magrini ♥

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