Welcome to our SPECIAL ORDER collection...an archive of our best selling and most requested styles. Rather than discontinue these styles, we've kept them available in case you missed them or just need another! Even better, you can order them in the color and size of your choice! Small alterations may be possible (fees apply). So, the sky's the limit! There's just a few conditions...

There are no additional charges for special orders, just regular retail price. Unfortunately, we don't offer any discounted or sale pricing for special orders. All regular shipping rates will apply. For international orders additional shipping charges may be required for multiple shipments. We ask to allow up to 4-8 weeks for delivery of special orders and once your order has been placed. Keep in mind that 4-8 weeks is an estimate, not a guaranteed delivery date. All sales are final, no cancellations once the order has been placed. Keep in mind all of our garments are hand made and dyed so it takes some time but we'll do our best to get you your order as soon as possible.


Note: Each piece is handmade in Mexico by one of our various artisans. Due to the nature of the cotton gauze fabric, hand dye and this unique process, each piece can vary slightly in color and fit.


If you don't see the color or size you are looking for and would like to see more options or have any questions, please email us at specialorders@jenspiratebooty.com.


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