April 12, 2017


Desert Sale 🌵

Headed to the desert? Come visit us this weekend...

April 14 - 16
9am - 6pm

61729 Twentynine Palms
Joshua Tree, CA 92252



  • Indigo tie dye booth with Saltwater Threads
  • Custom flower crowns by Eterie 
  • Henna Bar (only for day 1)
Sample sale prices - starting at $5.00!
Cash + credit cards accepted
April 12, 2016


Desert Sale in Joshua Tree

Make a quick pit stop on your way out to Coachella and visit our Joshua Tree pop-up store. Prices starting at $5! This is the desert sale of your dreams...

Participating Brands:

+ enjoy these activities:

Date: April 14th - April 17th / 9am - 6pm

61729 Twentynine Palms
Joshua Tree, CA 92252
(click here for map)



October 01, 2015


JPB ♡ Pachamama

About 18 years ago I met a family who touched my soul, made my creativity dance and left me forever thinking outside the box and craving a life less conventional.
They are the super cool, insanely gorgeous, multilingual, totally encompassing Mignot family. Also well known as the Pachamama family of Sayulita, Mexico.
They define bohemian in every sense of the word. They are surfers, musicians, artists and designers, amongst numerous other talents. Salt in their hair, earth under their nails, sun on their skin, tribal paint on their faces and endless creativity pouring from their souls. They dance through life with a smile on their face, love beaming from their hearts and wild curiosity challenging their mind. Their vibration is magnetic, endlessly inspiring and always leaves you wanting more. 
I am very proud to announce that we have recently joined creative forces and are collaborating on a few beautiful projects together. We will document them and release them throughout the year. Stay tuned. I am sure you will love what we have created!!!  Shop JPB ♡ Pachamama. 


photos found on Oracle Fox@PachamamaSayulita, Pinterest & Pachamama's website.

May 09, 2015


Only a Mother's Love by Free People

My girls, my mama and I had the honor of being shot by Free People for their Mothers Day blog. See the full story here

I can't thank you enough for capturing these special moments. I will cherish these photos forever.  A special thank you to @tinadeleon @sweetdoub @joannarentz @freepeoplewestcoast @coryn_madley @hgracebeauty

March 17, 2015


Travel Diary: Tulum + Playa Del Carmen

Last December, my mama, 2 friends and I, took a quick trip to the Yucatan Peninsula to visit some of the people behind the production of Jen's Pirate Booty. We have a handful of workshops spread throughout Mexico. They are all run by local artisan families. It warms our hearts to be able to bring continuous work to so many villages in Mexico and allow the artisans to use their craft. To be able to work, doing something you love, is an incredible joy. A joy that I experience every single day.

A lot of the production we do in Mexico is done by hand. The Gauze that we use is a very delicate and tricky material and doesn't do well when mass produced. It requires specialty cutting, sewing and dying techniques. All of which the local artisans have mastered over many, many generations. 

This trip, we put a lot of focus on Mexican embroidery techniques for our upcoming Summer and Fall seasons. They are all done by local artisans and can take many days, upon weeks to create one piece. We have such an appreciation for this type of craftsmanship and are so honored and excited to be able to incorporate them into the collection. 

After we got some work done, we were able to escape to magical Tulum.  A place where neon aqua waters meet an endlessly, breathtaking, stretch of white sand beach. Adorning the beach are a ton of swanky little bungalows, tucked in to the trees. There is food from all over the world. The drinks are refreshing and ever flowing. The people exude fashion, style and grace...and there is an unexplainable vibration, that just keeps alluring you back. 

A quick list of a few of our favorite stops while in the Yucatan Peninsula...


Los Aguachiles - mouthwatering tostadas - find them in Tulum and Playa!

Caguameria de Esquina - same owners as Aguachiles and muy bueno

La Perla - refreshing mezcal cocktails + ceviche

Hotel La Semilla - a little oasis away from all the touristy resorts

La Cueva del Chango - breakfast spot 


Coqui Coqui - a hotel/castle on the beach in Tulum

Posada Margherita - an unexpected Italian Restaurant/hotel

CoCo Tulum - an inexpensive beachside hotel made up of thatched roof huts

El Tabano - a menu of endless interesting dishes using local ingredients

Urge Taquito - a taco shack in town with the biggest topping station I've ever seen


October 21, 2014


Travel Diary: Sayulita

Hello my loves...I would like to share somewhere very special with you. It took me forever to get this post together. Life, kids, love, work and all the rest...took priority. Naturally. But finally, a little post on my trip to my beloved Sayulita, earlier this Spring. 
Sayulita....oh Sayulita. This little, Mexican, rustic, cobblestone, colorful, hippie, expat, surfer town, has stolen my heart. The vibe and energy flows through your blood and lures you back, forever more. Once you have had a taste...you want more, more, more. It's not the most beautiful place on the planet. It's not the cleanest place. It doesn't have the most interesting history or architecture. But it has a feeling. An unexplainable feeling. It has character. It's simplistic joy. It lives and breathes life. It is exploding with artistic, creative, life loving people and leaves you feeling refreshed, inspired and alive!!! 
My friends, family and I frequent it as often as possible. It's an easy escape from work and the day to day routine. Enjoy my journey. This is just a glimpse. If you can, go there and experience its effects for yourself.
    June 26, 2014

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    Beach Day with Sarah Peinado

    A few photos from our day at Victoria Beach with this golden beauty, Sarah Peinado.
    All clothing available at JensPirateBooty.com - click the photo to shop! Photos by Hayley Magrini